The Texas RIC Difference


Texas is one of the strongest economies in the USA, home to several of the largest and fastest growing US cities, large number of Fortune 1000 corporate headquarters, and thriving energy, healthcare and technology sectors.

As a State, we contribute approximately 9% to the total US GDP. Texas is the third fastest growing state (top among large states) and houses 8 of the 15 fastest growing cities in America. The population, economic and demographic trends point to many years of future growth and demand for infrastructure and real estate development.


Austin is the region’s fastest growing city combining the core economic drivers of government, technology, start-ups, entertainment and growing list new entrants seeking the local culture and business friendly environment.

Austin has the added advantage of strong leadership at both the City and Mayoral levels with a vision to grow in a productive and positive way preserving the legacy while stepping forward into a new era of prosperity.


The Texas RIC is positioned to capitalize on both Texas’ and Austin’s growth across a portfolio of high-quality, professionally managed real estate and business investment. While the EB-5 program affords US Visa applicants a means of efficiency. We provide access to qualified investment opportunities that meet both EB-5 and discerning investor criterion.


Successful outcomes in real estate are directly correlated to the quality of the people sourcing deals and making investment decisions. Our team leverages decades of direct experience in principal investments, private equity and all manner of real estate projects.

We know what can go right as well as what can go wrong in any given business. We are conscious of business cycles and adapt to an ever changing economic and demographic landscape. Most importantly, we focus on sourcing the very best deals, manage them closely and deliver quality risk adjusted returns.


Experience alone, however, is never enough. It takes a deep and diverse network of relationships to make the private investment model work. Investment opportunities must be sourced, trust must be built between partners and the operational teams execute on task and deliver on budget. Our network of proven professionals in each category is the result of focused building of a quality network.

We bring significant relationships with key partners in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil and Dubai that dramatically improve and expedite investor introductions and capital formation.


Timing is important when it comes to organizing capital and making investments in high-demand projects. We have a rapidly expanding network of relationships in key markets around the world to assist in coordinating EB-5 investors. Sharing the burden along with the success of raising capital makes the process much more dynamic and efficient.


We will leverage three different mechanisms for creating a robust pipeline of very high quality deal flow.

1. Principal Generated Investments

The principals and executive board members of the Texas RIC will work diligently to create the center’s own sponsored development projects as well as joint projects with leading developers. In each instance we will select optimal architects, engineering, construction and asset management partners for each product type.

2. Family Office & Developer Partners

A key differentiator for The Texas RIC will be our ability to partner with the leading Family Offices and Developers in Central Texas. It is our experience that many of the very best real estate projects are funded by a select group of private investors and family offices. Through a unique set of relationships we can gain access to rare investment opportunities.

3. Public-Private Partnerships

The intersection of private capital and local government is found in public private partnership opportunities. We can facilitate these highly beneficial transactions whereby private investors and developers are leveraged in a way that achieves the City’s objectives and key initiatives. Examples could include preservation of green space, infrastructure projects, transportation or affordable housing.

It goes without saying that quality is key. It drives returns, lowers risks and ensures optimal results. We demand quality in every respect: people, partners, investors and projects.