The EB5 process starts with selecting the right Regional Investment Center partner. We understand the challenges and concerns you may be facing. We realize you are attempting to navigate both the US immigration process as well as identify a suitable EB5 investment project – all from outside the United States.

We begin by developing a working relationship with you in order for us to better know you as a person, immigrant and investor. It’s important to understand your goals and objectives for the program. And most important, build a foundation of communication and trust between us. The US immigration and Visa process is daunting. Language barriers make it difficult to understand the process and information. The fact is it takes an entire team to reach a successful outcome.


As a starting place we recommend beginning with our immigration legal partner at or call (512) 732-0555. Each EB5 investor needs appropriate legal representation and we have found this is the best place to begin the journey. Our legal partner has decades of experience working with people just like you from every region of the globe. Learn more by following the link above.

Once it is determined the EB5 program may be an option, we can begin a conversation about your investor profile and suitability for our projects. It is important to note that any prospective investment is restricted for Accredited Investors only as defined by the SEC.


The Texas Regional Investment Center maintains strict compliance with all US Laws pertaining to us as both a Regional Investment Center regulated by The Department of Homeland Security and USCIS, as well as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA. We also observe and comply with any and all international laws that relate to the jurisdictions in which we operate.


For more information, please contact us at